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The key to his character is found in his first big scene, in a nightclub frequented by Nazi officers. We gather that his resources consist of the money in his pocket and the clothes he stands up in. He walks into the club, sends the best champagne to a table of high-ranking Nazis, and soon has the Nazis and their girlfriends sitting at his table, which swells with late arrivals.

Who is this man? Why, Oskar Schindler, of course. And who is that?

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  7. The Reich never figures out the answer to that question. Schindler's strategy as a con man is to always seem in charge, to seem well-connected, to lavish powerful Nazis with gifts and bribes, and to stride, tall and imperious, through situations that would break a lesser man. He also has the con man's knack of disguising the real object of the con. The Nazis accept his bribes and assume his purpose is to enrich himself through the war.

    They do not object, because he enriches them, too. It never occurs to them that he is actually saving Jews. There is that ancient story about how the guards search the thief's wheelbarrow every day, unable to figure out what he is stealing. He is stealing wheelbarrows. The Jews are Schindler's wheelbarrows. Some of the most dramatic scenes in the movie show Schindler literally snatching his workers from the maw of death. He rescues Stern from a death train. Then he redirects a trainload of his male workers from Auschwitz to his hometown in Czechoslovakia.

    When the women's train is misrouted to Auschwitz in error, Schindler boldly strides into the death camp and bribes the commandant to ship them back out again. His insight here is that no one would walk into Auschwitz on such a mission if he were not the real thing. His very boldness is his shield. Stern, of course, quickly figures out that Schindler's real game is not to get rich but to save lives. Yet this is not said aloud until Schindler has Stern make a list of some 1, workers who will be transported to Czechoslovakia.

    All around its margins lies the gulf. He stands on the balcony of his ski chalet and shoots Jews as target practice, destroying any shred of hope they may have that the Nazi policies will follow some sane pattern. If they can die arbitrarily at his whim, then both protest and adherence are meaningless, and useless.

    Goeth is clearly mad. War masks his underlying nature as a serial killer. His cruelty twists back on his victims: He spares a life only long enough to give his victim hope, and then shoots him. Seeing "Schindler's List" again recently, I wondered if it was a weakness to make Goeth insane. Would it have been better for Spielberg to focus instead on a Nazi functionary--an "ordinary" man who is simply following orders? The terror of the Holocaust comes not because a monster like Goeth could murder people, but because thousands of people snatched from their everyday lives became, in the chilling phrase, Hitler's willing executioners.

    I don't know.

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    The film as Spielberg made it is haunting and powerful; perhaps it was necessary to have a one-dimensional villain in a film whose hero has so many hidden dimensions. The ordinary man who was just "following orders" might have disturbed the focus of the film--although he would have been in contrast with Schindler, an ordinary man who did not follow orders.

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    Or so we want to believe. In fact, genocide is a commonplace in human history, and is happening right now in Africa, the Middle East, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. The United States was colonized through a policy of genocide against native peoples.


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    Religion and race are markers that we use to hate one another, and unless we can get beyond them, we must concede we are potential executioners. The power of Spielberg's film is not that it explains evil, but that it insists that men can be good in the face of it, and that good can prevail.

    A man with a significant stance in the history of WWII. A man, who found so much kindness in his heart, he helped over 1, jews avoid death. Born in the Czech republic in , he was an ethnic German, and catholic.

    The List is Life: Oskar Schindler Essay

    Having a fairly easy, and wealthy life, he grew to be a semi-successful entrepreneur. He eventually joined the Nazi party to gain even more business opportunities than the average man. Eventually, pushing his way through business. Oskar Schindler was one of these people.

    World War II provided him the means to become a very wealthy and powerful man, yet he did not exploit the Jews like many other businessmen during his time. He used his money and power to save thousands. Much can be learned from what happened during the holocaust and what Schindler did to save thousands of Jews. Oskar Schindler was a very complex and dynamic man. When the Nazi party rose to power. The novel begins with some backstory on Schindler and describes how he arrived in Germany and occupied Poland for business pursuits. He grew up the son of a businessman and a Catholic mother in the German-speaking area of Czechoslovakia.

    He married young at age 20, but ignored his wife due to the amount of time he invested in his work and his social lifestyle. Oskar was not much of a political man, but initially supported the Nazi party and their endeavor to seize Poland, providing him with new business. Oskar Schindler's Actions During the Holocaust The Holocaust usually refers to Nazi Germany's systematic genocide of various peoples during the Second World War, the main target of this designed massacre being the Jews.

    Approximately 6 million Jews became the victims of this fanatical racism, slaughter, and cruelty. However, in all this madness, there were still a few people with sound conscience and courage to act against these atrocities. The most famous of these heroes would be Oskar Schindler. Oscar nominated movie directed by Steven Spielberg.

    This movie is based on the biographical novel published by the Australian author Thomas Keneally. It is an R rated movie with a minutes running time. The main character of the movie, Oskar Schindler is played by Liam Neeson. The movie portrays the story of the German businessman who tried to preserve the lives of some Jewish refuges during the holocaust. In times past, the Jews have been victims of ethnic prosecutions. The Jewish history. One such hero is Oskar Schindler, a German industrialist who spearheaded an effort to protect his Jewish factory workers from the uncertain fate of the the Jewish ghettos and concentration camps.

    When asked about his motives Schindler reported, "I just couldn't stand by and see people destroyed. I did what I could, what I had to do, what my conscience told me I must do" Schindler.

    Schindler's List

    Though Schindler was himself a registered member of the Nazi party he would. The movie begins in Krakow, Poland just after the collapse of the Polish army, and at the beginning of the German occupation. Oskar Schindler, a tall handsome womanizer arrives in the city looking to open a factory in order to gain profits from the war.

    At the time, Jewish people were no long permitted to own a business, so Oskar obtains a factory from a Jewish man named Itzhak Stern, and makes Stern his accountant and manager. The two men. I had a chance to do something. I couldn 't refuse" Chesnoff. Oskar is not a Nazi officer; he is a businessperson.

    Character Analysis

    Just like the other members of the party, Oskar Schindler treats the Jews mercilessly. He starts off by buying a officer a bottle of expensive wine, but it does not end there. Before the night is gone he has boughten dinner for all of the officers. This is how he made.

    Oskar is a hero to over 6, Jews currently living across the United States and Europe. Schindler was an normal man with an unreal power that he used to save human lives during the Holocaust of World War II. What was his motivation for saving so many Jews?

    More importantly why is Schindler considered one of the greatest heroes of this century? Oskar Schindler was born on April 28, in Zwitlau, which. Later on in the war Leon and his family were rescued from the camps by Oskar Schindler. The factory used to only make pots and pans, but. His sudden mood swings also hints about his odd mental condition. The novel describes his family life in the Austro-Hungarian. The novel focuses on how Schindler comes to the realization that concentration and forced labor camps are wrong.