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Design your integration. Select your terminals. Determine account structure.

Support & Training

Choose your architecture Building a local integration Secure local communications. Building a cloud integration. Terminal API fundamentals Display notifications. Event notifications. Make a payment Debit and credit cards. Gift cards Activate. Load a balance. Query the balance.

Do I have the wrong paper loaded in my Printer?

Partially authorise a payment. Cashback and cash out. QR code wallets. Brazil payments. Card acquisition. Refund a payment Cancel a refund. Cancel a payment.

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Verify status. Reconciling totals Log in and log out. Retrieve totals from the terminal. Reconcile a balance mismatch. Enter payment manually MKE.

Cascade Paper Roll Clamps - Lift Truck Roll Handling

Delayed capture. Manual capture. Tax free shopping. Display virtual receipts. Request diagnosis. Set up beacons. Shopper recognition. Shopper input. Tender options. Pass application information. Pass additional data. Payment terminals Ordering and returning terminals.

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Standalone terminals. Add your logo. Supported languages. Connect to your network. Use the admin menu. View terminal information. Troubleshooting and support. M user manual Inspect device security. P Plus user manual Inspect device security. Vm user manual Inspect device security. Make special payments. Perform a refund. Print transaction totals. Vc user manual Inspect device security.

Perform a Refund. UX user manual Inspect device security. Set up the device. Legacy devices. Charging the e Install an iPod or iPhone. Turning it on and off. Board the terminal. Understand the LED colors. Troubleshooting and Support. Attach and use the e frame Attach a tablet to the frame. Attach the e to the frame. Remove a tablet from the frame. Remove the e from the frame. Connect the e frame to a power source.

Make a payment over Bluetooth Step 1- Clean the Bluetooth configuration. Step 2 - Pair the e with a mobile device. Step 3 - Start a transaction.

How to Calculate Perimeter and Area Ratio

Remove configuration and reboard. Troubleshoot the Bluetooth connection. MX user manual Inspect device security.

Paper reel measurements - DS Smith Paper

VX user manual Inspect device security. Install or replace paper rolls. Charging the VX Connect to a base station with bluetooth Understand the bluetooth base station LED colors. VX Duet user manual Inspect device security. Retrieve connected terminals. Test and go live. Testing your integration. Best practices. Terminal API reference. Network configuration. Tender states. Cardholder Verification Methods. Refusal reasons.

1. Roll Width

Error scenarios. Classic integrations. Library integrations Java Native Interface integration Legacy documentation. Get started with the Java Native Interface. Calls and callbacks. Key steps Initialize the library. Register the application with Adyen. Process a basic transaction Create the tender.

see url Pass tender options. Handle and extract data from Callbacks.