Clinical decision making and critical thinking

Key words: Nursing education, nursing students, decision making, Critical thinking. Owned by Guilan University of Medical Sciences. Co-published by Negah Institute for Scientific Communication. Sun, Oct 20, Remember me Create Account Reset Password. J Holist Nurs Midwifery. Keywords: Nursing education , nursing students , decision making , Critical thinking.

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Subjects and Methods 2. Study Setting This study was conducted in Damanhur city in Damanhur teaching hospital in the following wards: Intensive care and Cardiac care units 2. Sampling: Purposive sample. Tools for Data Collection Data was collected by using two modificated tools from; Michael, 26 and Alzahrany 27 as follows: Tool I : Job satisfaction Questionnaire: It contains two major parts as follows: Part I : Nurse's Sociodemographic data Sheet : Was contains demographic characteristics of the studied nurses as their sex, age, social status, educational degree, total experience in nursing field, hospital work, critical care units, number of hours worked in critical care unit, preferable shift for work, total numbers of patients responsible for, number of patients admitted to critical care unit, number of isolated patients, number of daily discharge patient and number of assistant nurses.

Making the Call: Enhancing Cognition, Critical Thinking, and Decision Making in Acute Care

Ethical Consideration 1. The purpose of pilot study was: 1- To test the applicability of the study tools. Other wise, the six nurses were then excluded from the sample of research work to assure the stability of answers 3 Field work: The interview sheet was filled out individualized with the nurse in the Intensive care unit, cardiac care unit; Data was collected from the selecting settings by the researcher using the pre constructed tools.

Patho-Flow Diagramming: A Strategy for Critical Thinking and Clinical Decision Making

Statistical Analysis 2. Data Analysis Data was collected and entered into a database file. Limitations of Study Data collection was time-consuming for collection than the researcher's plan and predictions because the nurses had a lot of works and duties and there are insuffient times to fill these questionnaires. Results Table 1 : shows that the half of studied nurses was ranged age years. While the minority of the nurses had less than one year in nursing experience Figure 4 : illustrates that Table 1. Number and percent distribution nurses according to socio demographic data.

PowerPoint Slide. Tables index. Full Size Next Table. Fig ure 3. Fig ure 4. Fi gure 5. Table 2. Number and percent distribution of nurses' according to their satisfaction level related to basic criteria of quality.


Table 3. Number and percent of nurses' scores according to their satisfaction level regarding their decision making knowledge. Table 4. Distribution of nurses' level satisfaction levels according to their decision making experiences. Table 5.

Clinical decision making (CDM)

Table 6. Relation between clinical decision making levels of the nurses, both their job satisfaction and experience. Table 7. Relation between job satisfaction of the nurses and selected demographic data among the studied sample. Full Size Previous Table. Discussion Recently, nursing care has become more difficult resulting in stressing the growing significance of CT in nursing practices. Health, , 8, A critical thinking disposition scale for nurses: short form.

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Subjects and Methods 3. Results 4. Discussion 5. Conclusions 6. Recommendations References. View in article. Full Size Figure. Full Size. In article. View Article. Berman, A. Hwang, S. In order to effectively police your decisions, the first step is to accept that your brain is, indeed, biased. And the best way to accept this is to appreciate that being biased is not tied to intellectual capacity. This is an introductory post where I invite you to join me in future posts where I will describe the various cognitive biases and how we can implement safeguards to help override cognitive dispositions to respond.