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In the past decades, air traffic growth has resulted in increasingly complex situations. In order to guarantee safety and efficiency is maintained, new automation tools and interfaces must be developed. This display In order to reduce CO2 emission, district heat networks and carbon-neutral heat energy production are being developed in the Netherlands.

This resulted in an increasing amount of district heating systems DHS in the horticulture areas.

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What makes a startup successful? How to define success? Existent models on startup success prediction often left aside significant predictors which may not be available in typical business databases such as crunchbase.

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In this research, focused on a population of five thousand organisations from the Dutch startup ecosystem, we go beyond Wave dissipation in a permeable structure: Experimental research on the physical processes causing energy dissipation inside an array of cylinders. Mangrove forests, which serve as a natural sea defence, have been degraded by human action during the last decades.

To protect and recover these areas, different types of permeable structures consisting of bamboo have been proposed and applied.

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However, these structures are currently based on engineering judgement, as design rules are not Small scale testing of crawler outlet diffusers for plume reduction of offshore mining. Over recent years, there has been an increase in demands for rare and precious minerals worldwide.

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Prices are rapidly increasing, and there is an identifiable risk of an increasing supply shortage of raw materials, In the construction industry, it is common to predict manufacturing times of structural elements based on the experience of shop managers. With the increasing use of Building Information Models BIM and data analysis in manufacturing processes an opportunity for improving the accuracy of predicted manufacturing times arises. This research Accurate indoor localization is essential for autonomous robotic agents to perform tasks ranging from warehouse management to remote sensing in greenhouses.

A minor offers an excellent opportunity to broaden your horizon. By taking your minor in Leiden or Delft, you get to experience another way of thinking, to work with other students and to know another city. It will enrich your academic experience and your resume. You can take one of the joint LDE-minors or you can join one of the regular minors offered by Leiden or Delft.

Lectures are organized by at least two of the three partners. With this approach, a detailed morphology of hardened cement paste such as portlandite, hydrates, capillary pores, etc.

Alexander Serebrenik

Thus the gas transport pathways can be explicitly captured for given cement paste microstructure. This step provides fundamental answers such as whether desaturation takes place mainly through the capillary pores or also through gel pores for various gas pressure conditions. In this step, effective gas diffusivity as well as effective unsaturated hydraulic properties such as moisture retention and hydraulic conductivity for the moisture phase will be derived.

The same two-phase model will then be used to predict the effective properties of mortar. The mortar scale is composed of hardened cement paste, fine aggregates and interfacial transition zone ITZ. At this scale, the hardened cement paste is treated as a homogeneous medium with the effective properties determined from the microscale modelling. The same approach holds with ITZ as this is also hardened cement paste but of relatively higher porosity compared to the bulk cement paste.

Aggregates can be treated as non-reactive. Thus the effective properties of both hardened cement paste and mortar can be compared with experimentally determined properties.

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Pore network models under guidande of co-promotor A. Raoof : In a pore network modelling Raoof et al. The simplification of pore space geometry and fluid mechanics is compensated by the method's high computational efficiency. However, when pore sizes span several orders of magnitude this poses problems for computation. Bultreys et al. Team of V. Cnudde Ugent , treats the sub-resolution porosity as a continuous porous medium. A 2-scale network is built which incorporates microporosity information without taking every individual micropore into account.


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Pores that touch the same microporous cluster are called micro-connections. Continuum petrophysical properties are assigned to these clusters and connections. Phung Q.

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