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Through a sense of clear conscience or a reputation of name, anyone can self belong, and this must first be achieved before one can belong anywhere else. His clear conscience provides him with a sense of self belonging before his hanging. Similarly I Freedom Writers, by Richard Lagrange, the Hispanic gang member, Eva, achieves a sense of personal Identity and true belonging when she tells the truth In court. This allows her clear conscience to give her a sense of belonging to resell.

What are the Key Themes in The Crucible?

HIS sense of self belonging Is achieved when he rips up the signed confession. HIS good deed allows the people who died to keep their good names, who went to death satisfied that they were good people.

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Before the Salem Witch trials, depicted in the movie, John Proctor is reluctant to be involved in church life. He rarely attends mass and stays out on his land instead. Although his obedience to miss mass because of Paris, he is seen as a good man. The turning point is when his wife, Goody Proctor, is accused of being involved in witchcraft. He admits to lechery, with Abigail, and acknowledges the bad actions he undertook. He is also then accused of being involved in witchcraft and is sentenced to death unless he confesses.


Others who were accused experienced the same fate. And although all were innocent except the girls accusing everyone, many were sent to their deaths. Proctor rips the warrant and allows the people who died to continue their innocence. Does Proctor do the good deed out of guilt for his actions with Abigail? The concepts of self belonging in The Crucible are similarly depicted in Freedom writers. Many of the students in this class are members of various gangs presented as Latino, Black and Asian, and their actions and mind set tells the viewer that the students do not want to be there.

One particular member, Eva, is experiences a dilemma when she must decide to tell the truth or protect another member of her gang.

The Crucible and Freedom Writers: Belonging and Identity Essay

Her strong sense of belonging is shown through the techniques of her narrating her diary throughout the movie. Search Advanced search….

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Can you proof read and help me fix this essay The Crucible Some of the most powerful influences of an individuals sense of belonging is the beliefs and requirements of the groups they are involved in. The theocracy of Salem is based upon literal reading of the bible and directly following all the commandments of the bible like attending church every Sabbath and abstaining from work on the Sabbath.