Essayer de ne pas rire jusquà la fin de la video

Merci, merci, merci!!!! Beautifully edited…. This video was my sunrise at one more day of much tooo much work! Thanks for this moment of peace — especially thanks for choosing my wedding song. It reminds me of standing on green grass, barefood, with the biggest smile ever on my face!

Small world. Success in the material world appears to be the ability to shape a consciousness and make fashion aspirational. Thank you for shaping it so well. Can you tell me how you capture the footage i. Il regroupe : Photographie, Graphisme, Dessin, Couture. Merci de nous faire partager quelques uns de ces fabuleux moments. Merci Garance! Beautiful video, and to a favorite song of mine! Watching this has started my day in the most wonderful way.. Thank you garance, i truly enjoyed it…bravo.

The Show Must Go On

This was really, really fun; what a treat! Bonne continuation. Oh that is the sweetest video. Your life looks so amazing. You and Scott seem so in love. How romantic:. I really like seeing the impromptu take on what must have been an exhausting but fun fashion season! Job well done! The video was beautiful, happy and lovely.

I just have to say wonderful. Tks Beijos from Brasil Marcela.

Folie dansante, hilarité irrépressible et nonnes possédées : histoires d'hystéries collectives

Such a well made and Beautiful Video, and features the darling Emmanuelle Alt, where can you go wrong? Wonderful video and life!!! You are a lucky girl…your work is amazing!!! Kisses from Barcelona Garance!!! I love this video! Most of all because of the song. The song and you,my dear,fit so well! Love how calm and friendly you are. Merci Garance, de nous mettre dans ta poche et de nous faire faire le tour du monde en qq minutes. Merci vraiment de nous faire partager votre travail et votre vie! Thanks for this video?


Is there any way to share it besides giving the link to the whole post? Garance, you are the cutest and I think what you and Scott do is the most enviable job in the world! Thank you for sharing all the beauty you see in your world with the rest of us ahem, me who are still in school : Thank you and great video! Quel COOL. Merci Garance de nous faire partager ces petits moments! Very funny! I was smiling all the time during the video! Amazing work u, Scott and ur team do.

French - Ladies Gaelic Football

Et tu es juste une grosse grosse bombe!!! Beautifully done Garance, Scott and the team behind the scenes! Holy Moly what a terrific video. Could you tell me the soundtrack. I live in Melbourne, Australia, watching your video I drifted away for a few precious minutes. Your are so talented! Wonderfully beautiful. La musique, les images, tout est absolument parfait. Au plaisir de te voir rire. Tu as vraiment du talent!

That was amazing, so adorable, so good!!!

1001 blagues

Et Jared Leto, superbe :. This video is seriously gorgeous, it made my day. Thank you so much for letting us into your fantastic life.

Dear Garance and Chris, thank you so much for the inspiring video! Just what I needed here at home, sitting at the computer and working on my thesis! Suddenly I saw a little bit of the outside world — and what a world! So wonderful! Bisous, A.

Hi Garance! Wonderful video, I enjoyed it so much! But the problem is…do you think these shoes would be good with a grey shirt? Oh please, answer back! This is a big problem for me someone is calling me shallow?? Thank you anyway!

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