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This has always worked and I have found that students have always got on board with this idea because they instantly see the benefit of it and it helps them feel more secure about sitting their exam. This session comes with a full powerpoint for paper 1 and student handouts with source material. Please keep in mind that TES preview can distort the look of resources but this is not a true reflection.

Paper 1 WJEC GCSE English Language - Cheat Sheet

Hope it helps. Read more. Report a problem. View more. How can I re-use this? Report 4 years ago 2. I've looked through their past questions and what seems to be coming up the majority of the time is an article and a letter. Second most common is a speech and a letter but their is a significant lead on articles.

  • Paper 1 WJEC GCSE English Language - Cheat Sheet.
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I've not seen them do one report, they've done one leaflet. They've also done a few reviews. But I'm predicting that a letter will definitely come up and then next I would guess an article. I hope it's these two. Holliebush Badges: 0.

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Can someone tell me the format of all of the different styles of writing? Especially speeches? Emilythorb Badges: 3. Report 4 years ago 7.

WJEC English Language: Writing Paper predictions?? - The Student Room

The format for a review, article, leaflet and report: -heading -introduction -main body -recomendations do not add this in an article however you may be able to include this in a leaflet -conclusion For a speech it's basically just -introduction -main body -conclusion Open addressing your audience I. Recapone Badges: 0. Report 4 years ago 8. Report 4 years ago 9. Original post by Recapone did u check on YouTube their a good teacher on it let me know if u want the link He will improve ur grade defo.

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This comprehensive collection of resources from Ysgol John Bright school in North Wales rounds up an absolute wealth of helpful tools. Check out the full list here. Grab this free revision aid here. The concise and well-presented info on goconqr.

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Check it out here. One of the many benefits of the BBC Bitesize sites is how well it is laid out. So, this video , for example, and its accompanying guide, takes pupils through the influence of poetry and rhyme on modern rap music, while this one discusses the use of persuasive language to raise awareness of school bullying.

So what does the site contain?

Find these and loads more here. This set of skills-focused resources lets pupils test their skills at analysing poems, pieces of writing and more, or indeed create their own piece. Get these resources here.

Find these and more here. You can also check out our last-minute maths revision resource roundup.