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Apart from that, their parents also play a vital role in the process of ending school violence. Parents should gain a deep understanding of their children and positive communication skills.

Affirmative connections can make students feel good about themselves and not likely to harm others. To sum up, it is crucial for students to have constructive support from their parents along with their schools. These solution may help to decrease school violence.

Lies You’ve Been Told About How to Prevent Youth Violence Essay

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Violence among school students seems to be increasing. Essay Categories:. Select rating Give Violence among school students seems to be increasing. This essay topic by other users: Post date Users Rates More about the essay 7 months 3 weeks ago lily 89 Read full essay.

Violence in Schools: Causes, Effects and Prevention

Firstly, they aim to encourage nonviolent attitudes and behavior in children and young people to prevent violence before it occurs. Secondly, they aim to help change attitudes and behaviors in students who have already become violent or are at risk of harming themselves. Strategies to prevent school violence at the relationship-level focus primarily on influencing the type of relationships that both victims and perpetrators of school violence have with the people they most regularly interact. Strategies to prevent school violence at the community-level focus on raising public awareness and debate about school violence issues, encouraging community action, addressing the social and material causes of school violence in the environment and providing care and support for victims.

Strategies to prevent school violence at the societal-level focus on the normative cultural, social and economic values that shape societies, thereby influencing the educational systems and institutional policies that emerge from them. In the future, VOV will highlight the best of these programs, introduce you to creative individuals putting these prevention strategies into action, report the latest research findings, share the best ideas for applying these lessons to our daily lives, and share some of your inspiring personal stories of victory over school violence that are helping to build a culture of peace.

Keep checking the VOV Blog and Stories sections for the latest updates and share them throughout your social network. Every day, amazing stories of victory over violence take place.

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If shared, these stories have the power to inspire change in countless others. VOV is here to help you learn about the issues and get involved at a pace that works for your lifestyle. Whenever you encounter something interesting on the VOV site, share it with the friends and acquaintances in your social network.

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We recommend visiting these websites to learn more and take further action toward achieving victory over school violence. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Youth risk behavior surveillance—United States, Available from www. The effectiveness of universal school-based programs for the prevention of violent and aggressive behavior: a report on recommendations of the Task Force on Community Preventive Services.

School Violence And Schools Violence

Best practices of youth violence prevention: a sourcebook for community action rev. Using environmental design to prevent school violence. Dahlberg LL, Butchart A. State of the science: violence prevention efforts in developing and developed countries. Krug EG et al. World Report on Violence and Health. Geneva, World Health Organization, Indicators of School Crime and Safety, National Center for Education Statistics, U. Department of Justice. Washington, DC; You must be VOV Ambassadors to leave a comment.